Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Lady who was a Millionaire!

The Lady who was a Millionaire!

“Ashley!” Susan and Lesley shouted “Dinner time!”
At dinner Ashley asked her friends who she could give her money to? Ashley was so tired, as she lay in her bed she thought about what they were talking about at dinner.
Ashley is so rich. She is rich because she owns a famous hotel. Her sister Susan had recently moved in with Ashley in her mansion. Lesley is a kind, loving person and works at a cafe, she is Ashley’s best friend.
Ashley didn’t know who needed money but, when an advertisement came on the television of how much The Horn of Africa needs our help, she decided to give it to the people in The Horn of Africa. She could imagine their faces they would be happy. They said thank you so many times. Ashley felt good about what she had done. She went home and had a great night sleep, woke up the next morning and went to work as usual. After work she went to see her friend Lesley at the cafe. Some bad news came up for Ashley, her Mum had died. It was even sadder because her wedding was coming up. Ashley went to her Mum’s funeral and she said a beautiful speech and almost cried in the middle of the speech.
On a Sunday morning Ashley got ready for her fairytale wedding. It was very sad for Ashley because her mother was not there for her fairytale wedding. Her Dad walked her down the aisle. After the ceremony there was a feast at her big mansion it was so beautiful and romantic. At the end Ashley thanked everyone that came to her wedding and her friends and relatives all around the world.
After a long wedding that finished at midnight Ashley was now a wife. Five years later Ashley was going to have twins, when the twins were born Ashley and her husband were a big happy family, Ashley was happy with her daughters Kendall and Kylie. Kendall and Kylie grew up and loved school and sports. Kendall and Kylie graduated got a job and got on with life. When the girls got older Ashley got sick and died at the age of 79. The girls were devastated. Their father took them to live with their Aunt in America. Their Aunt had four girls and two boys. Kendall and Kylie loved living at their Aunty’s they had a big and beautiful house with nine rooms, two master bedrooms and two bathrooms. They had a big rock pool with a movie screen inside and at the top of the house there was a spa pool that changed colors in the night. Also a waterfall at the backyard. They just loved it, it was like paradise. Their Dad visited them twice a week. Their Aunt treats them like her own two kids. They loved America. They lived the rest of their lives happily ever after.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

You are Special

You Are Special
By Max Lucado Retold by ME!

Every wemmick was all made out of wood. Some wemmick's were small, some were tall, some with big noses and some were small, but all made from the same wood maker called Eli. Eli lived in a wood shop, making wemmick's on a hill. People would always gather around Punchinello and give him dots. Every wimmeck had a box of dots and stars. Punchinello got so many dots that one day he didn't even go outside. One day Punchinello met a wemmick called Lucia. Lucia had no dots or stars. Some wemmick's saw that Lucia had no dots so they gave her a star but it didn't stick. Some saw that Lucia had no stars so they gave her dots but it didn't stick. Puchinello asked Lucia how did you do that, well I always visit my wood maker, I want to be like you Lucia, Punchinello cried, go and visit Eli, he live on that hill. Punchinello went home, he looked outside the window and saw the little wemmick's sticking stickers on each other, right away Punchinello went to visit Eli. Eli saw Punchinello walk in and said why are you here Punchinello Eli asked, Punchinello was shaking and replied "well I want to be like Lucia," "Lucia?" "yes Lucia," "Punchinello come here" said Eli. Punchinello walked to Eli, Eli said “ I don't care about what anybody thinks of you Punchinello because you are mine” "I'm yours" said Punchinello “yes you are mine and I will always love you”. Eli told Punchinello come see me everyday and you will be like Lucia and from that day on Punchinello visited Eli everyday and the dots were coming off slowly.
By Salome

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


On a beautiful Wednesday morning our class went swimming in our new swimming pool. We all have groups, group A and B. Group A went to swim first. I was in group B, so I didn't know what went on in the pool. Next went my group to the pool but first of all we had to get changed. I did not swim because I did not have any togs but the cool thing was that I was the one that took the photos. Miss Oldfield told me not to wet the camera so I said OK. I walked into the tent it was pretty cool and nice and warm but I got hot very quickly. I think I took some good photos. The water was wavy. Group B got out of the pool and I think they were very cold. I walked out of the pool and it was nice and cold cause I was hot inside the tent. Everybody ran to the classroom quickly. I had so much fun taking pictures even though I didn't swim!

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Holidays

My Holidays!
In my holidays I had so much fun and this is how it started. On a lovely Thursday morning me and my brother were the last people to wake up. In the kitchen, my mum was making breakfast, I could smell something yummy from the kitchen I walked into the kitchen and on the table was scrambled eggs, spaghetti and toast. After we all finished eating my brother and my cousin got dressed to go to Hoyts. I stayed home to help my mum with my new baby brother. Later on in the day my Dad came over to pick me up to go to his house and play with my other cousins I stayed the night at his house. The next day we all woke up and my Dad took us to the park, right after that my Dad took us to McDonalds. Next we all went home. A few minutes later my aunty arrived at home because she finished work early, two minutes later we were in the car getting ready to go to the Manukau City Mall. We walked into the mall and I saw Bungee Jumping and asked my aunty if we could go Bungee Jumping, she said yes so I ran to the queue and it cost $10 per person, so I gave the man my money and he connected all these ropes to me told me to start jumping I got higher and higher and even higher I was laughing so hard it looked like I was going to cry. I tried to do a flip but I couldn't. We were on the way going back home when my Dad called on my aunty’s mobile phone and said where are you guys? I said we’re on our way, he called because he had to drop me back home on that same day. We all arrived at home safely and my Dad dropped me off at home. My Mum was really happy to see me.
By Salome!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kite Making!

On a sunny and exciting Monday 20th June our class and our reliever Mr M went to the hall. The reason why we were going to the hall was because were going to make kites for Matariki. Matariki is Maori New Year. One way to celebrate Maori New Year is to make kites. When I stepped into the hall I saw these people that were going to help us make our kites. The leaders name was Allie.
First of all they gave out the paper, sellotape, two sticks and a piece of string. Next we sellotaped our sticks onto the paper. After that we placed the piece of string onto the paper so you can hold on to it while you fly it. Finally we decorated it with crayons and colouring pencils. The only thing we had to do was fly them. It was so cool that day even though it was horrible whether. Next the girls packed all their stuff and they left to go to another school. I am sure that everyone had a great time.
By Salome

Monday, July 4, 2011

What is it like to have your own blog?

I have found having my own blog is exciting because I never thought that I would have my own blog, I have never had my own blog just a class one.
It is cool having a blog because everyone around the world can see our amazing work and leave a comment.
The other good thing why we have blogs is our parents can see our school work, they can see our wonderful story's that we write on our netbooks.

Monday, June 27, 2011


What do you think about cellphones at school? I am the news reporter today I have a little news report talking about this very topic. Check it out! 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Holidays - The Embellished Version!

“Salome hurry up!” shouted my brother “Just wait,” I replied. My family was getting ready for church when suddenly we heard a knock at the door, I opened it and guess who was at the door? SELENA GOMEZ! I almost fainted, I screamed “ahhhh!” “Salome who's at the door” asked my Mum from her room. I said “Selena Gomez”.
I turned to Selena “Why are you here?”
“Well my tour bus broke down, I broke down on your street. Do you know where a gas station is?”
“Of course,” I said “there is one in the Glen Innes shopping centre” “Thanks” she said. “Do you want to go on a trip with me to New York?” Selena asked, my answer was of course “YES!.”
We went to the airport right away, boarded the plane, not just any plane but a private plane! It was like a dream come true. Hours later we finally landed in New York. I was so amazed at what I saw. I went to her concerts, got her autograph and got to go shopping with her. While I was at her second concert, guess who I saw? My friend Genevieve. I asked Selena if Genevieve could come with us on her tour bus for the next few weeks. When we got to Selena’s house she asked us if we wanted to have a slumber party, we said yes, she invited Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. We watched a scary movie in her theatre with popcorn. After that we had a pillow fight it was so cool. Next day it was the second to last day Genevieve and I were at her house. We went shopping with Selena for the last time. We ate at a flash restaurant in fancy new dresses. We were a bit tired from all the excitement so we went home for a rest and to pack our bags. It was night, we had dinner with Taylor Swift said goodbye and went to sleep. The next day we went to the airport to take Genevieve and I back to Auckland we got to go back in style, first class!
When we got home my Mum had set up a welcome back party with all my friends. I said thanks Mum, she said you’re welcome.
That night I went for a good nights sleep I was exhausted.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Athletics Day

Athletics Day was coming up, I was so nervous.
Friday was finally here, I got ready for school really fast because I was excited and nervous at the same time. St Pius school was going to have another athletics day. At morning tea my friend Genevieve and I went to the toilets to change, so we finished getting ready for the day. We walked out of the toilets and went to play.
Next the bell rang I went to line up. I was in Geckos for the second time. The 5 year old girls and boys raced and guess who came first, my niece Claudia, she went into the finals and came first again. Wow I didn’t know she was that fast. Next it was the 6 year old girls and boys and guess who came second to last my other niece Victoria. Meanwhile the 7 year old kids raced but I didn’t know who came first, second, and third because I went to the toilets. After that the 8 year old girls and boys raced and my cousin Rachel came last.
Next it was the 9 year old girls and boys walked to the line to race I was on the last lane near Zheiyna. I ran nervously and came third. I went to the finals and came last. Next was the 10 year old girls, my friend Genevieve came third, her sister Robertanna came first and Catherine came second. Meanwhile the 11,12 and 13 kids raced and I don’t know who came first, second and third.
The bell rang and that meant it was lunch time. I went to get my lunch and went to eat it at the shade with my other friend Julia. After lunch was novelty races. The rooms 2 and 1 were placing the ball under their thighs. My class and room 7 were doing relays. I ran nervously again. After the novelty races we were singing our chants, the Geckos won at the chants, I was in the Geckos I was proud to be in the winning team.
After that Mr Coakley announced the winners and the winning team was the GECKOS! We all walked to our classrooms to change. I said bye to my teacher and went safely back home. I told my mum my team won the whole thing my mum thought that was great!