Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Holidays - The Embellished Version!

“Salome hurry up!” shouted my brother “Just wait,” I replied. My family was getting ready for church when suddenly we heard a knock at the door, I opened it and guess who was at the door? SELENA GOMEZ! I almost fainted, I screamed “ahhhh!” “Salome who's at the door” asked my Mum from her room. I said “Selena Gomez”.
I turned to Selena “Why are you here?”
“Well my tour bus broke down, I broke down on your street. Do you know where a gas station is?”
“Of course,” I said “there is one in the Glen Innes shopping centre” “Thanks” she said. “Do you want to go on a trip with me to New York?” Selena asked, my answer was of course “YES!.”
We went to the airport right away, boarded the plane, not just any plane but a private plane! It was like a dream come true. Hours later we finally landed in New York. I was so amazed at what I saw. I went to her concerts, got her autograph and got to go shopping with her. While I was at her second concert, guess who I saw? My friend Genevieve. I asked Selena if Genevieve could come with us on her tour bus for the next few weeks. When we got to Selena’s house she asked us if we wanted to have a slumber party, we said yes, she invited Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. We watched a scary movie in her theatre with popcorn. After that we had a pillow fight it was so cool. Next day it was the second to last day Genevieve and I were at her house. We went shopping with Selena for the last time. We ate at a flash restaurant in fancy new dresses. We were a bit tired from all the excitement so we went home for a rest and to pack our bags. It was night, we had dinner with Taylor Swift said goodbye and went to sleep. The next day we went to the airport to take Genevieve and I back to Auckland we got to go back in style, first class!
When we got home my Mum had set up a welcome back party with all my friends. I said thanks Mum, she said you’re welcome.
That night I went for a good nights sleep I was exhausted.

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