Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Splash! Today I had a very wet experience, we had our first swimming lesson. When I walked into the swimming pool tent it was quite foggy. I walked down the stairs to get into the pool. First Mrs Tui asked us to streamline. After doing streamline we did freestyle. Later on after finishing doing freestyle we did a star float. A star float is when you put your arms and legs right out and try float in the water. I had an fun experience going swimming today.

Monday, June 17, 2013

God Strand

What does God want from me?

God wants from me to never turn away from him and do good things. God wants me to show LOVE, FAITH, COURAGE and KINDNESS to others.

What is stopping me from doing what God wants me to do?

I think that it is myself that is stopping me from doing what God wants me to do. I am going to try to help myself by trying to do what God wants me  to do.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Description about Genevieve

True friends are friends that are always by your side when you're sad and lonely, and Genevieve is that kind of friend. Genevieve has black short curly hair and brown coloured eyes Genevieve is short and skinny. Genevieve’s hair do’s are very unique, they're  

Genevieve is very talented. She is very musical. She plays the guitar, piano, ukulele and she also plays Netball. She is also fast at running and she is very funny too.  She is creative, smart and sporty. I think that she is good at Maths. She is artistic and she is good at drawing.

Ever since I have met Genevieve she has always been funny, outgoing and a beautiful person. Most of the time Genevieve is always happy and smiling. I think that I am lucky that I met a talented and gifted girl like Genevieve.

Maths Week 6 Term 2

I have been learning to use Place Value and Reversibility to solve problems


62 - 47 =
60 - 40 = 20
20 - 7 = 13
13 + 2 = 15


47 + ___ = 62
If 62 - 47 = 15 then when you change the equation into an addition equation, the answer should be 15. 
40 + 10 = 50
7 + 5 = 12
50 + 10 = 60 
60 + 2 = 62

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Crayon and Dye

                                                            Crayon and Dye

In R.E  I have been learning about the Triduum Celebration. 
The candle represents The Easter Candle.
The Bible represents The Liturgy of the Word.
The Bowl of Water represents The Holy Water.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Science Experiment


Aim (Purpose) - What Plants Need to Grow?

Method - First we got the soil and poured it into the Pot Plant (half-way) then we placed it into the zip-up bag. We poured water into a bottle cap and tipped it into the Pot Plant and then once more again filled up the bottle cap again and put it in the middle of the Pot Plant, then zipped up the bag.

Result - After 4 days nothing has changed apart from, there is Condensation.

Conclusion - My groups plant has not grown at all. But on the sides of the zip-up bag there are Condensation. On the test Plant (Mrs Ringwood’s) has grown. Mrs Ringwood’s plant grew because it had air going into the Plastic Bag.

Monday, April 8, 2013


I have been learning in Religious Education about Prayer. 
Different ways of Prayer and What is Prayer?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy Thursday

Today we celebrated The Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. We had a Liturgy performing the last week Jesus had on earth. He died on the cross for us.  The mass was very organised and there was beautiful singing. I was a Narrator.  I enjoyed the mass today because it was very wonderful. Fr. Ioane joined us for the Liturgy.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Athletics Day

Athletics Day

It was a Friday morning, not just any kind of Friday morning it was the Friday morning we were going to celebrate mass with our Soul - Friends. But the most exciting part is that after morning tea we were going to have Athletics. I was so excited for Athletics. Athletics Day is a day where we all have fun doing different kind of events like  running, High Jump, Shot Put and Obstacles Courses. There were 4 teams Geckos, Tuis, Kiwis and Keas. I was in Geckos. We all went in our age groups to different events on the field. The 11 year old went to the Obstacle Courses first. Mrs Pole and Miss Mat were in charge of the Obstacle Course.

It came to the last event, running. There was a 50 metre, 75 metre and 100 metre race. I ran my fastest in all my races. Everyone ran and if you came 1st, 2nd or 3rd you get a ribbon. Everybody ran, then we all went back to our gazebos. Now it was time to reveal the winners of Athletics 2013. Mr Coakley announced who came 4th, it was the Keas. In the Geckos gazebo everybody was so nervous. “3rd place is Kiwi’s!” Mr Coakley announced. Now it was only two teams left, The Tuis and The Geckos. “2nd place is........ Tuis” Mr Coakley declared. The Geckos all screamed because that meant we came 1st. Mr Coakley finally said “ 1st place is GECKOS!!” Mr Coakley handed the Shield to Genevieve and Sione Dale.

Thursday, March 21, 2013



In the past three days I have had the most spectacular experience. The reason why I have had the most spectacular experience was because we I had Triathlon. Triathlon is involving three different kind of sports like Swimming, Biking and Running.  Triathlon is our Kiwi sport for the week. The Triathlon was held at the field.  The instructors are Brett, Lance, Blair and Adrian.   

First everybody had 4 turns on the water slide then after there four turns they made sure there helmets were on properly then we rode around the field 4 times. After the biking we had to run around the whole field once then run to the finish line.

When we all finished we came back to class with sweat rolling down the side of our faces. Everybody was very exhausted. But it is a big change to do Triathlon and we are very lucky to get the chance to try Triathlon out.

Soul Friends

Today Room 7 and Room 5 had a shred lunch together at the field. Everybody brought there own lunch and shared with there Soul Friends. Soul Friends are a big person and a little person who share there things and feelings together. My Soul Friends name is Kalisi.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Salome Bio Poem

Short, Creative, Communicative, Optimistic
Sibling of Jahdiel and Timote
Lover of laughing and Family
Fears deadly snakes and big trachchula spiders.
Needs to improve in Maths.
Would like to see Heaven
Resident of New Zealand

Monday, February 25, 2013

Welcome to 2013! :)

Welcome to 2013! It is Week 3 of Term 1 and today is Friday. I am looking forward to sharing my work with you all. Room 7 had a Assembly today and I shared my Artwork of Margaret Aylward. Margaret Aylward is the foundress of the Holy Faith Sisters and she built our school. I hope you enjoy my work this year! :)