Tuesday, August 9, 2011


On a beautiful Wednesday morning our class went swimming in our new swimming pool. We all have groups, group A and B. Group A went to swim first. I was in group B, so I didn't know what went on in the pool. Next went my group to the pool but first of all we had to get changed. I did not swim because I did not have any togs but the cool thing was that I was the one that took the photos. Miss Oldfield told me not to wet the camera so I said OK. I walked into the tent it was pretty cool and nice and warm but I got hot very quickly. I think I took some good photos. The water was wavy. Group B got out of the pool and I think they were very cold. I walked out of the pool and it was nice and cold cause I was hot inside the tent. Everybody ran to the classroom quickly. I had so much fun taking pictures even though I didn't swim!

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Holidays

My Holidays!
In my holidays I had so much fun and this is how it started. On a lovely Thursday morning me and my brother were the last people to wake up. In the kitchen, my mum was making breakfast, I could smell something yummy from the kitchen I walked into the kitchen and on the table was scrambled eggs, spaghetti and toast. After we all finished eating my brother and my cousin got dressed to go to Hoyts. I stayed home to help my mum with my new baby brother. Later on in the day my Dad came over to pick me up to go to his house and play with my other cousins I stayed the night at his house. The next day we all woke up and my Dad took us to the park, right after that my Dad took us to McDonalds. Next we all went home. A few minutes later my aunty arrived at home because she finished work early, two minutes later we were in the car getting ready to go to the Manukau City Mall. We walked into the mall and I saw Bungee Jumping and asked my aunty if we could go Bungee Jumping, she said yes so I ran to the queue and it cost $10 per person, so I gave the man my money and he connected all these ropes to me told me to start jumping I got higher and higher and even higher I was laughing so hard it looked like I was going to cry. I tried to do a flip but I couldn't. We were on the way going back home when my Dad called on my aunty’s mobile phone and said where are you guys? I said we’re on our way, he called because he had to drop me back home on that same day. We all arrived at home safely and my Dad dropped me off at home. My Mum was really happy to see me.
By Salome!