Monday, April 4, 2011

Athletics Day

Athletics Day was coming up, I was so nervous.
Friday was finally here, I got ready for school really fast because I was excited and nervous at the same time. St Pius school was going to have another athletics day. At morning tea my friend Genevieve and I went to the toilets to change, so we finished getting ready for the day. We walked out of the toilets and went to play.
Next the bell rang I went to line up. I was in Geckos for the second time. The 5 year old girls and boys raced and guess who came first, my niece Claudia, she went into the finals and came first again. Wow I didn’t know she was that fast. Next it was the 6 year old girls and boys and guess who came second to last my other niece Victoria. Meanwhile the 7 year old kids raced but I didn’t know who came first, second, and third because I went to the toilets. After that the 8 year old girls and boys raced and my cousin Rachel came last.
Next it was the 9 year old girls and boys walked to the line to race I was on the last lane near Zheiyna. I ran nervously and came third. I went to the finals and came last. Next was the 10 year old girls, my friend Genevieve came third, her sister Robertanna came first and Catherine came second. Meanwhile the 11,12 and 13 kids raced and I don’t know who came first, second and third.
The bell rang and that meant it was lunch time. I went to get my lunch and went to eat it at the shade with my other friend Julia. After lunch was novelty races. The rooms 2 and 1 were placing the ball under their thighs. My class and room 7 were doing relays. I ran nervously again. After the novelty races we were singing our chants, the Geckos won at the chants, I was in the Geckos I was proud to be in the winning team.
After that Mr Coakley announced the winners and the winning team was the GECKOS! We all walked to our classrooms to change. I said bye to my teacher and went safely back home. I told my mum my team won the whole thing my mum thought that was great!

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