Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Lady who was a Millionaire!

The Lady who was a Millionaire!

“Ashley!” Susan and Lesley shouted “Dinner time!”
At dinner Ashley asked her friends who she could give her money to? Ashley was so tired, as she lay in her bed she thought about what they were talking about at dinner.
Ashley is so rich. She is rich because she owns a famous hotel. Her sister Susan had recently moved in with Ashley in her mansion. Lesley is a kind, loving person and works at a cafe, she is Ashley’s best friend.
Ashley didn’t know who needed money but, when an advertisement came on the television of how much The Horn of Africa needs our help, she decided to give it to the people in The Horn of Africa. She could imagine their faces they would be happy. They said thank you so many times. Ashley felt good about what she had done. She went home and had a great night sleep, woke up the next morning and went to work as usual. After work she went to see her friend Lesley at the cafe. Some bad news came up for Ashley, her Mum had died. It was even sadder because her wedding was coming up. Ashley went to her Mum’s funeral and she said a beautiful speech and almost cried in the middle of the speech.
On a Sunday morning Ashley got ready for her fairytale wedding. It was very sad for Ashley because her mother was not there for her fairytale wedding. Her Dad walked her down the aisle. After the ceremony there was a feast at her big mansion it was so beautiful and romantic. At the end Ashley thanked everyone that came to her wedding and her friends and relatives all around the world.
After a long wedding that finished at midnight Ashley was now a wife. Five years later Ashley was going to have twins, when the twins were born Ashley and her husband were a big happy family, Ashley was happy with her daughters Kendall and Kylie. Kendall and Kylie grew up and loved school and sports. Kendall and Kylie graduated got a job and got on with life. When the girls got older Ashley got sick and died at the age of 79. The girls were devastated. Their father took them to live with their Aunt in America. Their Aunt had four girls and two boys. Kendall and Kylie loved living at their Aunty’s they had a big and beautiful house with nine rooms, two master bedrooms and two bathrooms. They had a big rock pool with a movie screen inside and at the top of the house there was a spa pool that changed colors in the night. Also a waterfall at the backyard. They just loved it, it was like paradise. Their Dad visited them twice a week. Their Aunt treats them like her own two kids. They loved America. They lived the rest of their lives happily ever after.

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