Friday, August 17, 2012

Women's Basketball

Women’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball is one of the Olympic Events. There are 14 players on a team, but there are only 6 players on court and the others are reserves. To play basketball you have to play fairly, train hard and be fast.

Women’s Basketball is where 2 teams compete against each other to win. So they try to shoot the ball into the hoop to get a point. If they shoot from the 2 pointer line, then they add 2 points to the score just like if you shoot from the 3 pointer line. There are 4 quarters in one Basketball Game.

An example is yesterday's event where the USA competed against France. In the first quarter USA was in the lead. In the last few seconds USA managed to defeat France. The USA celebrated their  Victory!

Basketball is an enjoyable sport that anyone can play!

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  1. Wow good one Salome
    I think you did well in your story.
    I like the way you talk about basketball because we are playing it juring lunch time.
    Keep it up :)


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