Friday, June 22, 2012

TitleThe Baby Giraffe with the Troubled Life
SettingAfrica and Savanna
PlotVicious Lion attacks the Giraffe family while they find a safe place to born the baby giraffe.
ClimaxFather Giraffe fights off the Vicious Lion and the baby giraffe was born safely.
CharactersFather Giraffe
Mother Giraffe
Vicious Lion
Baby Giraffe
ThemeThe theme about this story is that family is very important and when family leaves your side you're lost.

On a blazing and hot day Mother and Father Giraffe found out that they were going to have a baby giraffe.  How excited they were! But there was a problem - they kept moving from place to place and did not have a stable place to have their baby giraffe. They kept on traveling from place to place trying to find a safe place to have the baby giraffe.  They finally came to a safe place and they thought that no one lived there in that cave. The leaves covered the sign that said: Keep out! Vicious Lion! They walked in and no one was in the cave. The Father giraffe went hunting for some food for the Mother giraffe and himself.

While the father giraffe was out hunting the Vicious Lion arrived in the cave. Mother giraffe was taking a nap and the Vicious Lion attacked Mother giraffe! Father giraffe arrived in the nick of time and attacked the Vicious Lion. They had a fierce brawl. Father giraffe told Mother giraffe to go away before she got hurt! Mother giraffe went as fast as she could. There was blood everywhere in the cave, Father giraffe ran as fast as he could out of the cave and The Vicious Lion roared as loudly as he could.

The sun began to set and Father giraffe couldn’t find Mother giraffe. He lay down to go to sleep and Mother lay down to go to sleep but before she went to sleep she prayed and prayed that Father giraffe would find her. The sun rose the next morning and Father giraffe did not give up looking for Mother giraffe. Days went by and Father giraffe still couldn’t find Mother giraffe it was like he lost her and would never see his baby giraffe grow up. He still went looking for her.

Mother giraffe had her baby giraffe without the Father giraffe there.  The baby giraffe was a boy! When the baby giraffe was only two weeks old Father giraffe finally found Mother giraffe and baby giraffe. Two happy months went by and then disaster struck again. Baby giraffe went missing. The Vicious Lion kidnapped the baby giraffe and the baby giraffe had no idea what was going on. Mother and Father giraffe went hunting and hunting and they did not stop looking and searching for the baby giraffe. The baby giraffe was terrified. While The Vicious Lion went out hunting for food, baby giraffe pretended to sleep and The Vicious Lion thought baby giraffe was really sleeping so The Vicious Lion just left him in the cave. Baby giraffe managed to escape from the cave before The Vicious Lion got back home. But he was lost and did not know where to go. He was wandering  through the Savanna. He went to where he got kidnapped and hoped to see his parents there but when he got there his parents had gone looking for him. He stayed there waiting for his parents. Some photographers came to visit the Savanna. They saw baby giraffe and as soon as their cameras started flashing he ran away as fast as he could! Finally his parents found him crying in the bushes. How happy they were to see their baby giraffe again. The hugged and hugged then they all went and hunted for some dinner. They all were happy and their family was complete and no one was missing!

By Salome

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